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Having looked long and hard at this site some years prior with my wife we decided not to go ahead due to a lot of misinformation about the power lines, Later Gary Roden and his Partner purchased the site and when Gary said I have a site in Tiverton Place at Bridgeman Downs I immediately knew the site well having walked it several times. Gary had seen many Federation style buildings in the castle hill estate and liked some of the characteristics of them. He had also shown some interest in our display home at Bellmere with the two hex ends and centre feature gable. The two tone fully glazed Terra cotta tiles to the roof compliment the building dramatically having used them several times I knew they would and still do look the same today they just dont age.

Finding a deep red brick was a challenge as Gary had shown an interest in the terra cotta heritage sandstocks at our office but these had just gone out of production we managed to find a brick close to the deep red we were after and a paver slightly darker to cap the piers. The effect of the double columns, the lattice between the entry columns the huge set of brick steps, Gothic carpenter type decorations of verandah brackets, gable boarding and arch work finished it off perfectly. The complexity of the hex ends with the double columns on a single brick plinth add a character particular to this style and era. The interior of the home was not left out with all the cabinets done in a 2 pak federeation cream coupled with stone tops and collage glass doors, in the lounge recessed decorative plaster wall panels, fancy cornice, and ceiling roses compliment the rest of the home. Indeed Gary must have been happy with the building he had us return a couple of years later and construct a matching granny flat at the rear.

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