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Federation Style Houses that mirror the styles of homes constructed around the time of Federation 1890-1920, they are symbolised by decorations and ornate verandahs that flowed out onto gardens with largely terra cotta tiled roofs with ornate corners and decorative chimneys. 


The Classic Queenslander Style owes its birthplace to the influence of our climate and Brisbanes hilly topography we built up to allow the breezes to cool under the house we encircled them in wide flowing verandahs and also to level out a platform using the main material available Timber, unlike our southern cousins we did not have vast quantities of Bricks and Terra cotta tiles.

The Heritage Style is our modern interpretation of all of the styles of yesteryear with modern, brick and sandstone style exteriors specialised verandah areas that don't flow all around and generally lowset on a slab on ground. Some ornate fitments are often added such as hoods or brackets as well as some elements of the gothic carpenter style.

The Contemporary Queensland Style is characterised by a mix of the old classic queenslander style and a modern style, the large timber columns that look like the stumps of old are now used to support smaller more focussed verandahs that offer protection from the elements, roofs still have the custom orb sheeting and simple featured gables with the exterior being more modern style rendered brickwork for lower maintanence, you can insert some modern wall sheeting such as custom orb or timber to break up and articulate the structure.

The Modern Style is signified by the use of shaped external rendered surfaces with sloping varied roof styles of vertical and horizontal glass to compliment the external facade and the use of low maintanence materials.

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