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Gable styles

Above raked ceiling with exposed hardwood truss edge and galvalised truss brackets. Type 'A'

Right Vaulted Gothic carpenter style gable with Queenslander fineal. Type 'B'


Above Fretwork over F.C. Backing, Small queenslander type fineal. Type 'C'


Right Vaulted Curved vertical style gable with Queenslander fineal above a belled bay window. Note Gutter returns on fascia and 

Acroterias to gutter corners.. Type 'D'.


Above Fan gable over vaulted section in vertical boarding with cottage arch below. Type 'E'

 Left Vaulted Vertical straight gable. Type 'F'.

 Above Plantation Lattice gable over flat F.C. with circular ventiator. Type 'G'


 Left Mainsail style base heavy timber Gable. Type 'H'.

Above Flat F.C. gable with highlighted vertical cover strips, lattice below and cottage archway and fleu de le centreantation. Type 'J'

Above Right Flat F.C. gable with highlighted king truss style cover strips, Criss cross ladder below and a simple curver arch. Type 'K'

Right Flat F.C. gable with highlighted Triangle cover strips.

 Type 'L'

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